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Free Alignment Inspection

Correct alignment is critical to braking stability, safety controlling your vehicle, extending tire life, and ensuring a comfortable ride.

Best Service Prices

Priced to meet your budget, we have ultimate services, packages, and products.

Free Brake Inspection

If you’re in need of a brake service and inspection, let us take care of you.  A full inspection can determine any underlying problems.

Certified Auto Mechanics

Our certified and professional auto mechanics know how to help make your vehicle operate at it’s best.

Free Tire Rotation

Free of charge, we’ll rotate and balance the tires you purchased from any of our Ultimate Tire & Brakes stores for the life of the tires.

Best Products for a Confident Ride

At Ultimate Tire & Brakes we are focused on providing the best products for a confident drive.  We are here to provide great service at a great price.

Service & Repair

Tire Services

Tires are arguably the most important component on your entire vehicle. People rarely think about tires until they need one and they surely do not realize that tires are essential to the overall safety of any vehicle. This is why it is so important to regularly have your tires inspected and maintenanced. Driving worn tires can cause a blowout, a flat, or worse.

Ultimate Tire & Brakes carries a large selection of the best brands of tires (Link to brands page) to ensure you get the right tires and the right price. We discount all major brand names and will even rotate your tires for free regardless if you purchased them from big box stores or us. Our certified technicians will inspect your tires, perform repairs when needed or replace entirely with high quality, low cost tires.

Tire Services Include:

  • New tires
  • Rotation
  • Balancing tires
  • Road hazard
  • Tire repair
  • Flat repair

When Should You Inspect Your Tires?

We recommend you check your tires every few months for maintenance needs and obviously as needed for unexpected damages. Maintenance checks should include tread depth & tire pressure. Keep in mind that tire pressure can vary with cold weather temperatures so keep a closer eye on your tires in cold months. For in shop maintenance, you should have your tires rotated frequently. Check your manual for mileage recommendations but typically a rotation is performed about every 5,000 miles. Tire balancing and wheel alignment is also crucial to minimizing uneven wear and extending tire life. When in doubt, come and see us at Ultimate Tire & Brake and we will check it out for free!

Shocks and Struts
  • Strut mounts
  • Conversion kits


Is it time to replace your shocks & struts?

Like brakes, the lifespan of your shocks & struts will depend on your driving patterns and other factors. Ultimate Tire, and experts in the industry recommend having them inspected at the first signs of wear or every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. The primary goal of shocks and struts is to minimize suspension movement so if you are experiencing a bumpier ride than usual, it’s likely time to have them checked. Other telling issues that indicate it could be time to have your shocks & struts replaced are: poor steering response, instability when braking, and unusual wear patterns on your tires. If you are experiencing any of these, it’s best to play it safe and get it checked out to prevent long term damage to your vehicle. A shock & strut problem left unchecked can become dangerous and quite expensive as it can lead to lots of other issues.

Our certified technicians will fully inspect your vehicle and will recommend the best course of action for any necessary repairs. At Ultimate Tire, we understand the importance of a safe, reliable vehicle, but we aren’t here to just take your money either. We will only recommend replacements or repairs if it is necessary.

Brake Services

Quality Brake Service: Repair, Maintenance & Replacements

There is no set timeline on the life of brakes. They are designed to wear out and the pace that they wear out depends on many factors including individual habits and road conditions. The pads rub on the brake disk to stop your car, so worn pads are the first part to investigate if you are experiencing any braking problems. A full inspection by our technicians can determine any underlying problems, as well as what needs to be replaced. Brake pad replacement is the most common repair job for automotive brake systems. Our Brake Services include:

We recommend having your brakes inspected at least annually and of course at any sign of a problem. Note that squeaky brakes are an indication of a potential problem, so don’t ignore it. At Ultimate Tire, we automatically inspect your brakes when rotating your tires or any other service that requires removal of the tire.

  • Front and rear brake pads
  • Front and rear rotors
  • Rear brake shoes
  • Rear drums
  • Front and rear calipers
  • Brake hoses
  • Brake hardware kits
  • Clean and adjust brakes
  • Flush and fill System
  • Master cylinder
  • Brake booster

Suspension System Maintenance & Repair

The general public assumes suspension is all about the comfort of the ride, therefore it’s not as important to maintenance as other basics like oil changes or tires. Although comfort is a factor, the bigger picture is that having a bad suspension affects your ability to control the vehicle, which is a huge safety factor. The suspension system on your car is responsible for keeping your car in control and smoothing out the ride. It limits the impact of road conditions and maximizes friction between the tires and the road. Your vehicle having proper steering is reliant on the quality, age, and performance of your suspension components. If you feel any drifts or pulls during turns, instability when braking, unusual wear on tires, overly oily shocks, and of course a rougher ride than usual, it’s time to get your suspension checked out.

Our technicians will inspect your suspension, perform routine maintenance, and front end alignment which will keep your ride running smooth and help your vehicle operate in top condition. Our suspension services include:

  • Front end work and parts
  • Inner tie rods
  • Outer tie rods
  • Idler arm
  • Pitman arm
  • Lower ball joints
  • Upper ball joints
  • Control arms
  • Sway bar bushings
  • Sway bar link ends

Is it time for an Alignment? Get your free Alignment Inspection

Wheel alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension, which is the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. The alignment is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. Correct alignment is critical to braking stability, safely controlling your vehicle, extending the life of your tires, and ensuring a comfortable ride.

There is no guaranteed length of time a vehicle will remain in alignment. It is dependent upon many different factors, including your driving habits and the quality of the roads you frequently travel. If you are known for checking curbs or hitting potholes at full speed and/or frequently drive on rough roads, we welcome you to come in and get on a first name basis with us! Otherwise, an alignment once or twice a year is sufficient.

There are several signs that it’s time for an alignment. If you are experiencing any of the following, come and see us at Ultimate Tire & Brake for your free alignment inspection.

– Vehicle pulling to the right or left
– Off center steering wheel when driving straight
– Steering wheel vibration
– Uneven tread wear

Our technicians will perform proper alignment and balancing, adjusting the angles of the tires affecting how they make contact with the road. Our alignment services include:

  • 2 wheel alignment
  • 4 wheel alignment
  • wheel balancing
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